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Welcome to my website. Have a browse and feel free to send me any questions or comments that you may have.

I developed an interest in knife making over forty years ago. Throughout my working career I made about a dozen or so blades each year. After I retired, a return to knife-making was an easy decision to make.

My focus was to make a good quality knife that would sell at a reasonable cost. After several name options, "Bastard Blades" was the one chosen to develop my brand.

I only use new materials for my knives, primarily O-1 and 5160 steel. The scales are from several kinds of hard wood, stabilized wood and composite materials. Every knife has its unique serial number stamped on it (usually on the guard for most knives). The stylized dagger from the logo is etched on the blade.


The sheaths are made from 7 to 8 ounce leather and hand sewn. A different style sheath has been has a full sewn welt and can be made for left hand users. Also, custom sheaths can be made for existing knives.

Images: top left - a friend of mine purchased this knife for her dad; top right - same knife stuck in firewood; center - purchased by another friend and used to clean his fresh cod fish; bottom - some of the most recent knives in my inventory.

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